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Owner/Head Instructor

John is a 3rd degree black belt under Julio Fernandez.  He began training under Julio in Vermont back in 2004.  He has trained and competed all throughout New England, Canada, the Southeast, and in the The Rio Open.

Upon arriving in Alabama in 2014, he made friends with others in the local BJJ community and began shaping the path for RCR BJJ.

John is first and foremost a family man and when not training he loves spending time with his wife and kids.  He loves to bring that sense of family and support to all his classes and students.

John is also a horror movie junkie, loves video games, comic books, concerts, and enjoying fun life experiences



Kids Lead Insructor/Program Designer

Bobby started training BJJ in 2018 while finishing up his engineering degree.  He is currently a purple belt and his favorite position is side control.

When he is not at the gym training or teaching, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.  He loves hiking on the Appalachian Trail.



Muay Thai/MMA/BJJ Instructor

Angelo is the owner of Oasis Combat Club and is a brown belt in BJJ.

Angelo loves all aspects of combat and BJJ.  He is very creative in all his movements, positions and subs.  

He is a true student of the game and is always studying techniques.

When not teaching and training, Angelo loves spending time with his family and his son

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The Best Educators



Adam started his BJJ journey in 2015, under the instruction of Professor Rafael “Gordinho” Lima at START BJJ, while stationed in Florida. In 2020 he began college at UAH and recently graduated with a B.S. in Engineering Technology. In 2021 he began training under the instruction of John Bruss at Rocket City Revolution BJJ. He is currently a purple belt and enjoys instructing and learning new techniques.

When he is not training or teaching BJJ, he enjoys spending time with his family and two dogs hiking new trails.  He is a proclaimed DIY'er and can’t wait to start or complete a new project.



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Since joining our team a few years ago, Jamie Lane has brought a fresh perspective and teaching approach to their position as our Intermediate Course Instructor that has inspired innovation throughout Rocket City Revolution BJJ.

Instructors: Team
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