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John Bruss

Owner and Lead Instructor

Beginning his Jiu Jitsu journey in 2000, John Bruss started training at BJJ Revolution Team in Vermont, ultimately receiving his black belt from Julio Fernandez in 2013. A certified physical therapist by day, and black belt all the time, John teaches the Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday classes.

Seth Brown Belt.jpg

Seth Spratlin

Assistant Instructor and Kid's Program Owner

Seth has been a fan of the UFC since the mid 2000's, but got his first exposure to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in August of 2017. He took BJJ as a physical education requirement at UAH, taught by John Bruss, while getting his mechanical engineering degree. He fell in love with it then and just kept training with John after that semester. Seth is currently a brown belt and can be found at the gym any time the doors are open. He teaches the adult class on Wednesdays, organizes the bonus open mat times, and owns and teaches the RCR BJJ Kid's program. 

Instructor: Team
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